Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kylie's 1st Christmas!

Kylie had a great time at her Grandma and Grandpa's house in LA for her first Christmas.  She met 2 of her cousins, Max (2) and Juliette (6 months).  She had a great time crawling all over Juliette and sharing toys to drool on.  Her favorite part of Christmas was definitely the wrapping paper!  :)

She also liked her gift from Santa, just not quite as much as Max did!

Her new pajama pants that Mommy made fit her pretty well and she loves her stacking rings too!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

.... LOL!

I pretty much peed my pants when I looked at Kylie in her play pen today while I was eating lunch.  This is what I saw...  (Sorry the camera is shaking, I couldn't stop laughing and was trying to not choke on a bite of my sandwich!)  :)  The quality isn't very good on the blog, so hopefully you can see what is happening!

I have been trying to get a good video if this but she usually doesn't do it for very long...  I was also able to get these.

8 Months and Lots of Snow!

On Kylie's 8th mensiversary (she's 8 months today-- its a real word too, look it up!) we woke up to about a foot of snow!  She had so much fun "playing" in it!  :)  I know her snowsuit isn't very girlish, but hey it was free!  Thanks Nellie!  At least you can tell that she is a girl thanks to her cute beanie!  Thanks Mom!

Amazingly, she didn't mind wearing the suit at all; however, I don't think she moved her arms the whole time...
I think her favorite part of being in the snow was watching the cars go by while they made so much noise on the ice and slush.  (That would be her pensive pose in the first picture.)

Today she also discovered a new talent and a great way to get more attention!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Kylie learned a new trick the other day while she was in her soft play pen.  I thought it was so cute I brought her out on the hard floor so I could get a good video.  Unfortunately, that was not such a good idea...

Let's just say that after the shock of smacking her face on the ground she didn't do her new trick for quite a while.  The poor thing!!!!

But Mommy.... I don't want to crawl!

Kylie is getting closer and closer to being a real crawler!  She will now take a few "steps" before she resorts to her army crawl on her belly.  Our friend Whitney and I had a good time trying to get Kylie to crawl last night...


Kylie has a new favorite play thing...  her walker!  While we were setting up for our ward Christmas party (the last activity we have to do!!!!) we put her in her walker and let her run around the gym.  It was so funny to watch her!  She had so much fun running around and screaming, it was too cute!  Of course we were way to busy and stressed to take a video so here is another video of her in her walker...

Christmas Dresses!

Kylie has been very fashionable this Christmas!  My mom got her a really cute red plaid Christmas dress and I picked up a red velvet one last year before she was born for super cheap.  Thanks Kohl's!  Anyways, she is so adorable in the dresses!  She has already worn them half a dozen times!

Play Pen

When Kylie is in her play pen she will sometimes smash her face against the mesh and make some really pretty faces for me.  It has taken a while to get a video of it, but I finally succeeded!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Cutie

Here are some cute pictures of Kylie from the last week or so.  She is just too fun to play with now; she has the cutest little personality and loves to make you smile!

Army Crawling!

Kylie is now very good at getting where she wants to go!  She is not an official crawler yet, but I think she will be soon.  Here is just a little video of her army crawling across the couch.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Too Cute

Here are some more cute pictures that we have taken recently. I swear that she is still changing every day. Time is going way too fast!

This was on the way to the volleyball banquet.  Kylie was in the backseat with 18 helium balloons.  She had the time of her life!

Just playing with the toy basket instead of the toys...

Hangin' out on the counter!

Trying to show off her new teeth.

The perfect smile to show off teeth, just a few days early...



Kylie got her first 2 teeth within a week of each other.  She now has two bottom teeth!  I finaly got her to make the right kind of smile while taking pictures and you can see a tooth! (if you zoom in really far you can see a tiny bit of the second tooth too.)  Hopefully she will stop screaming all day now!  Hurray for teething!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Yummy Yogurt

We got the ok to give Kylie some yogurt today.  Here is her first meal of the delicious plain yogurt!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The High Chair

One of Kylie's favorite things to do is eat her Cheerios.  She is really good about feeding them to herself now which makes the doggies very happy!  They have learned to sit right under the high chair as soon as they hear the Cheerio box open up.  It is too funny!  Of course it entertains Kylie as well and she loves to watch the dogs down below her.  I was hoping that it would take her a year or so to realize how fun it is to feed the dogs.


Last week Kylie had her first swimming adventure!  We went with Grammy, Bapa, Nellie, and her kids to the rec center in Murray.  As soon as we got into the pool area Kylie started freaking out!  The kids area had a ton of toys that shot out water that made a way too much noise for her. 

Luckily she got used to all of the commotion after about 20 minutes... She definitely was not sure about the whole water and swimming thing but eventually she seemed to not mind it so much. All in all I think she had a good time!

She even enjoyed going down the water slide!  Well, I don't think she had any idea what was going on.  But she didn't scream about it!


This year I decided to make our Halloween costumes.  The criteria was...  cheap and coordinating.  After much debate on what Austin would dress up as we finally decided on dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood, the Granny, and the Woodsman.  $25 later (thank you dollar store and DI!).  We were adorable!  Well, at least Kylie was.  We went to Austin's work party and everybody fell in love with Little Red Riding Hood!  She was too cute.

Friday, October 22, 2010

She's 6 months!

WOW!!!  How time flies!  I can't believe that baby Kylie is already 6 months old!  Happy half birthday Kylie!


October has been a good month!  My friend Christa visited me early this month!  It was so fun to see her and catch up a little bit.

 Austin's gradnparents also came to Utah for conference at the beginning of the month.  It was great to see them and of course eat all of the amazing food that Grandma Jane and Aunt Elise made!

This month Kylie's personallity has really started to come though. She is too funny. She has learned that by doing a fake cough or a short scream she can get people's attention. (Not a good thing!) She has also learned that if she arches just right in her car seat she can see in while I'm driving. She found this out yesterday and gave some short squeals to let me know that I needed to look at her... She has also discovered how to make several new faces that I have yet to capture with the camera... Hopefully pictures of the faces will be coming soon. Amazingly she has continued her great sleeping habits. She gets about 12 hours straight at night with several hours of naps during the day. She also continues to be a very ahppy baby content to do pretty much anything. She still loves her activity center and has started to play in her bouncer too. 

I have been enjoying my coaching position at Payson High. Even though we never win.... It's still fun! Kylie sure loves all of the attention that she gets from all of the girls. They think she is so adorable and they all love her to death. I think this experience has been good for Kylie too! She isn't nearly as afraid of strangers as some babies her age.  Austin is still plugging away at Pinnacle. He is a little bored now that softball is over, and he already can't wait for next season!  Hopefully next year we can get on some better teams...

Just a few cute pics from September.

So I'm a little behind on the blog, so we'll catch up by just posting some of the cutest pictures and videos from the month of September.  Enjoy!

What a big eater!

Kylie's new favorite thing to do is EAT!  She loves anything and everything.  She loves her baba, nasty vegetables that I won't touch, fruits, meats, cereal, bread and Cheerios! 

Here she is eating some yummy prunes with Daddy's help....  Yes she is kind of scary looking!

Kylie trys so hard to feed herself the Cheerios but has a hard time actually getting them in her mouth.  She usually gets sidetracked by the fingers in her mouth.