Sunday, December 23, 2012

Visit to Grammy and Bapa's

At the end of July we went on our first road trip as a family of 5! It went surprisingly well! The twins did great and Kylie was more patient than we were when it came to the DVD player that would reset itself everytime we accelerated, turned on the AC, changed the radio, or turned on the blinker... We had so much fun hanging out with all of the fam. My entire side of the family was there for a little family reunion and it was a blast! Kylie absolutely loved playing with her cousins and everyone fought over holding the twins. We had some great times haging out in the backyard, swimming, playing softball, going down to the river, going out on the boat, going to Tahoe, and going to a Giant's game!
Grammy and Kass(?)

Austin playing 500 with all of the kids.

A rainy day at Tahoe...

So happy at Grammy and Bapa's!

Mommy and Kels

Daddy and Kass

Bapa and Kass.  Bapa's got the touch!

Daddy and Kylie in the "hotorhome" on the way to the Giants' game.

Zack was so excited to hold the babies! (Kels)

Heather and Kass

We played some softball with the fam and Grammy gave me this...

Kylie swinging with Bapa, Kara, Dylan and Trevor.


Grammy and Kels(?)

Mommy and Kylie on the boat!  So fun!

Kylie kayaking!

Someone stole her cheese!!!  Bahaha!

Daddy and Mommy kayaking.

Daddy driving the boat.

Tubing!!!  Kylie had SO much fun!  She kept saying "more bumps!" and "faster!"  Haha!

On the jetski...  Kylie totally fell asleep on our ride.  Apparently 40 mph is too tame for her!

Kylie's first fishing adventure.  Thanks Heather!

Weee!  Tahoe!!!

Kylie had so much fun swimming like this.  She didn't care it's freezing at Tahoe.

Half our group at the lake.

Kelsey sleeping in the "tent" at Tahoe.

The Giants game! 


Kylie swimming at Grammy and Bapa's. 

So cute!

Kylie loving Lake Tahoe.

Hugs from Carlie at the game.  :)

Famliy pic after the game.

Bapa and Kass hanging out at dinner.
While the whole fam was together we had family pictures!  It was quite an experience with 14 grandkids running around, but it all worked out. 
Daddy and Mommy

Grammy and Bapa with all of the grandkids.

The whole Paterson family.



Kassidy and Kelsey

Me, with my my fam.  :)




Kass and Kels
Our first family pic with the twins!

Kelsey, Kylie, Kassidy
On the drive home...  Kylie was so worn out from all of the fun.  I was a little bored and thankfully Austin stayed awake!