Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25 Weeks

So even though I thought about taking the 24 weeks picture at least a dozen times last week, it didn't happen due to travel..  Oh well, we only skipped one week.  :)  Anyways, here's the 25 week shot.  Everyone at Christmas was very impressed with the size of the belly!  haha  I guess they didn't believe me when I said that I pretty much looked full term already.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

23 Weeks

The 23 weeks belly shot has arrived! 

Holy cow, I'm a whale!!!  I still have 15 weeks to go...  This could get interesting.  :)  Oh yeah, and don't mind the clashing clothes.  I had just changed out of my jeans when I remembered we needed to take the picture and I was too lazy to put them back on...

And for those interested, here's a pic from last week with the same pose.  Not the same clothes, which I think it makes quite a difference, but oh well.  I'm not going to wear the same outfit every Tuesday!

And just for fun, this a picture of me at 30 weeks with Kylie.  Which is apparently the last week we took a picture of me pregnant with her...  Sad day. 

Ummm... yeah that looks pretty much the same already.  I'll try to wear that ourfit next week so we can get a better comparison!  :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Tree

Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree!  Kylie had fun helping Mommy put up some of the ornaments.  And then pulling them off of the tree...  We ended up just putting ornaments up on the top, looks a little weird, but is more practical with Kylie.  When we plugged in the lights on the tree Kylie said "Wow!" and ran over to look at them more closely.  She sure loves all of the Christmas lights and like Mommy, likes to have them on all day!


The other night, Kylie got to play in a bunch of leaves for the furst time.  She loved running around and falling and "helping" daddy rake them up and put them in bags.  It was getting dark so the pictures aren't the best, but you can get the idea.


Yesterday I took Kylie with me to get a couple of Christmas presents from Costco.  She was so excited that we were bringing these presents home she had to have them on her lap all the way home...

Yes, there are 3 bears on her lap and two of them are as big as she is...  She loved it!  And was not so happy when we had to get out to go to another store.

22 Weeks

Here's the latest belly shot! 

And here's the one from 21 weeks so you can compare:

It looks like my belly shrunk to me!  Haha  Must be the difference between real clothes and frumpy clothes...  :)