Monday, August 30, 2010


One of my favorite pictures of Kylie is when she was only a couple days old.  She had her finger on her cheek while she was sleeping and it looked like she was thinking very hard.  The other day she was sleeping in her car seat after running some errands and it was the same exact pose, just about 3 1/2 months later...

Kylie and the Peas

After a few days of rice cereal, Kylie graduated on to some peas!  She actually seemed to really like them and hardly made any faces.  Much to daddy's disappointment!  :)  Here is the video of her first pea feeding and also a picture of her feeding herself a bottle...

Kylie's First Meal!

Kylie recently had her first meal of rice cereal the other day.  She actually did really well and even swollowed a little bit!!!  Of course most of it was spit out but it sure was cute to watch her try and figure it out.


Kylie recently starting giggling when you kiss her neck.  She is very picky about when she does it and has to be in the right mood!  Here is a video of her giggling but isn't very good because I was taping and trying to get her to laugh.  Anyway, enjoy!

Lake Powell

This August my parents rented a house boat for a week at Lake Powell!!!  All of my siblings and their families were all able to come.  It was so much fun!!  Unfortunately I was only able to go for half of the week because of volleyball tryouts at Payson High (where I'm coaching now.)  It was a blast though!  Kylie had a great time in the 80 degree water.  She also enjoyed all of the attention from everyone on the boat.  She was a great traveller and a great sleeper.

Kylie was too funny on the ride home from the lake. Too cute!

Auntie Anna!

About a week after we got back from our trip to LA, Anna came to visit!  We had so much fun hanging out, playing volleyball and watching TV.  Anna was a great helper and Kylie loved all of the attention! 

Calcara Family Reunion

After visiting with Austin's family we went down to Carlsbad for the Calcara family reunion.  My grandma turned 90 this year so we had a big reunion to celebrate!  It was so fun to see all of my cousins and all of their kids.  There were tons of little ones running around and playing together.  And of course all of Kylie's cousins loved to hold her and make her smile!

Visiting the Vorkinks!

We went down to Diamond Bar for a few days to visit Austin's family.  We had so much fun haning out with the fam!  Of course they were all very excited to play with Kylie and loved babysitting while Austin and I went out and had some fun at Disneyland. 

Austin and I on Splash Mountain.

Kylie had a great time going out to eat!  She was so happy!

Jake and Anna were great at keeping Kylie entertained!

Kylie's 4 Month Appointment

Kylie had her 4 month checkup last Tuesday.  The Dr. said that her head is looking much better!  She said that it is evening out well and shouldn't need a helmet!!!  YEAH!!!  So that was great news!  Kylie has also grown 2 1/4 inches in 2 months!  She is now 26 inches long and is in the 96th percentile for height!  She didn't gain too much weight in the last two months however, she was 14.4 lbs putting her at about the 65th percentile.  We think this is because she has been sleeping for about 12 hours straight at night for the last 2 months so she hasn't been getting a night feeding.  The Dr. said this is nothing to worry about as long as she is growing well (she obviously is) and meeting her milestones (which she is).  Everything looked really good and Kylie continues to be an awesome, happy baby.  The Dr. also gave her the thumbs up for solid foods!!  Here are some cute pics over the last month or so.

Kylie started sucking on her fingers a couple of weeks ago and will no longer take her binky...

So happy during tummy time!

Two of Kylie's cute Sunday dresses!

Kylie watching TV with mommy.  She concentrates very hard!

One sad baby!  :)