Monday, February 28, 2011


Kylie also likes to wave hello now.  She hasn't quite learned to wave bye yet, but I'm sure she will soon.  Sometimes she gets so excited, you'll get a double wave!  I love this little girl!!!!  :)

Our Little Clapper!

Kylie's new favorite thing is clapping!  She'll crawl around, then stop and clap, pull her self up on things and then clap.  She claps in the car, while she's eating, and pretty much all day!  It is toooo cute!  I love it!  It you say "Yay" or "good job" she'll clap as well!  So funny!  I don't have many pictures of her doing it yet, but here a couple.

Oh so happy!

Kylie is just the happiest little girl!  Well, most of the time...  :)  She has so much fum playing on the floor with her blocks, balls, books and lots of other toys!  She also loves the camera...  Everytime I bring it out she just starts smiling and crawls as fast as she can to try and play with it!  So cute!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Kylie learned to climb up our stairs the other day!  She had so much fun going up and down to Mommy and Daddy.  She was really flying up the stairs by the end!

Valentine's Day

Kylie got some Valentine's Day cards from her Grandma, Grammy, and Aunt Anna!  She had a lot of fun reading them with Mommy and then playling with them for weeks to come!  She also got a really cute pair of PJ's from Grandma!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Walker

Kylie has lots of fun in her walker flying around the house, running over the dogs, knocking over the dogs' food and water and just creating chaos...  But it's ok, cuz she is really cute!  (This was actually taken a month ago...)


Kylie has the best laugh!  haha  She thinks it is really funny when I jump towards her and "growl".   She just laughs and laughs.  Here's a little taste of how cute it is!

Hanging out with Mommy

Kylie and I have been having a lot of fun during the day building towers of blocks and knocking them down, crawling around the house following mommy, going on walks with the dog, and of course.... EATING!  :)

She wasn't so much a fan of wearing the glasses as she was playing with them...

One happy baby!!!

She was so sad and upset...  All I had to do was grab the camera and she started smiling!  :)

The dogs have not been too happy with the new arrangement.... They stay in the back of the house behind a gate and Kylie gets to go wherever she wants = not happy dogs (with lazer eyes!).


Super Bowl Party!

For Super Bowl Sunday we had our friends, the Whites, over for some yummy food, a little football, and a lot of commercials!

Chilling with Whitney.

Kylie had fun eating all of the snacks with us!

She also had fun making silly faces at Whitney.

She was so tired after all of the festivities and was definitely ready for bed!

So sweet!  I love this picture!


So it turns out, I am really bad at keeping this updated!  :)  Kylie it many milestones in January.  She became an aweome crawler, a pro at pulling herself up on everything, a talking machine with dada, baba, mama and jaja, and an amazing mess maker!  So here are some cute pictures of Kylie...

Kylie is such a good eater!!!  She will eat anything and everything and a lot of it!

She had so much fun playing with her friend Penny.

So cute!

She started to not be so afraid of the loud toy...

She loves to take pictures with Mommy!!!

Just playing with Zoe, she loves her dogs!

So happy!

Her hair is long enough for a pony tail!  Well, kind of....

Posing for the camera.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Stink Eye!

A couple of weeks ago, Kylie started making the best face!  We like to call it "Stink Eye".  I don't know why she started making it, but it is too funny!  I was able to get this video of her making her new face.