Monday, September 13, 2010

Sittin' Up!

The other night while we were at the ball field waiting to play one of our games, Kylie decided that she was ready to sit up by herself!  I just put her down on the ground and was helping her to sit up when I realized that she was doing it all by herself.  I was so amazed and of course I didn't have the camera ready.  By the time I got the camera she was leaning forward quite a bit, but she was still sitting up! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Little Talker

Recently, Kylie has decided that she likes to talk... a lot! It doesn't matter if no one is talking back to her, she will just talk to her toys and tell them all about her day. I decided to take a video of her dialogue but once she saw the camera she stopped... But I was able to get this cute video before she realized the camera was out!!! Yes! I out smarted my 4 month old!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a Big Girl!

Kylie wanted to show everyone what a big girl she is while she was sitting in her high chair!  So she gave her prettiest smile...

Later once her cereal came, she wouldn't stop spitting.  But once again as soon as the camera came out she started to behave!  :)

A Night at the Park

Last week while we were watching daddy's softball game, Kylie was experimenting with spitting and making new faces.  We caught some really silly faces!  Not the cutest, that's for sure!  haha 

This is the face she makes right before she spits.  Like I said...  not the prettiest!

She also started puckering her lips...
Here is her "Bitter Beer" face.

She of course was very cute too!!

The Little Laugher

Yesterday (during daddy's home-run derby- which he placed 2nd at!  Good job Daddy!!!) Kylie decided that she LOVES to laugh!!!  She would just sit there and laugh for 15-20 minutes everytime anyone looked at her or said anything to her.  It was too cute!  But of course she won't do it once the camera comes out....  Anyways, its still a super cute video and it gives you an idea of how silly she is!