Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Kylie just loves her new blocks (thanks Grandma V)!  She plays with them all day long and has so much fun moving them around the house.  One of the first things she asks for in the morning is "Bla!, Bla!"  It's so cute!  Yesterday, she FINALLY started building with them.  Every time that Austin and I would try to build towers with her she would just say "NO!" and rip the tower apart and then put the pieces back on the ground where she had them.  She knew exactly where she wanted them and it was not stacked on top of each other!!  Gradually, she has been letting us build with her, but yesterday she started building towers all by herself! 

Ok, so I did help her build this tower....  :)

21 Weeks

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!  This cracks me up!  I just brought up a picture of my pregnancy with Kylie at 21 weeks to compare with last night's picture....  This is great!  haha  I think I have probably gained about the same weight at this point with the twins as I did with Kylie at, if not a little less weight this time...  Just keep that in mind!

So here's my 21 weeks picture with the twins:

And here's my 21 week picture with Kylie:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A big girl bed for Kylie

Kylie is such a big girl now!!!  She is officially in a toddler bed!  The day that Austin brought it home for her, she was so excited to have it in her room.  I don't think she new what it was but she had a new, huge "toy" in her room!  She sat on the slats where the mattress goes as a cleaned it and was just so excited.  After her nap time that day, we moved her mattress onto the new bed and she got even more excited.  She jumped right up on it and stayed on it for the longest time.  She would lay down and cuddle with her blankets and Bear and pretend to sleep.  It was so cute! 

CHEESE!!!  I don't even know where she learned this, we didn't teach it to her.  But it is pretty cute!

She had a great time playing on the bed all day, until bed time came....   She had a pretty rough time the first night.  So we just kept her up for a while until she was really tired and then put her down.  She only cried for a few more minutes before falling asleep.  The next night she only cried for 2 minutes or so before falling asleep and then last night, the 3rd night, she only fussed for about 30 seconds!  We can't believe how easy the transition has been for her.   We are so proud of her!!!

Austin's Birthday

For the first time since we have been married we got to celebrate Austin's birthday at home!  Usually on his birthday we are either travelling somewhere for Thanksgiving or actually celebrating Thanksgiving.  It was nice to just be at home and have nothing going on.  I made him a yummy lemon bundt cake (I have been craving one for a month now...) I guess I should have asked him what he wanted for his cake....  oh well!  :) 

This was the only candle that we had, I told him it meant that he was one year away from 30.  That didn't go over well...  haha

And I was a little late on the picture....


This year we had our first Thanksgiving with just our little family.  We had a great time together.  It was nice and relaxing and we really enjoyed spending so much time with just the three of us.  We had our own little Thanksgiving feast.  Thankfully Austin is pretty much a gourmet chef, otherwise we probably would have ended up at IHOP or something for dinner. 

I kind of cut Kylie out of this one, oops!!  She wasn't a fan of the blinking light on the camera, so she is glaring at it...

She loved Thanksgiving dinner.  She was a huge fan of the stuffing!


Kylie is the best little dancer I've ever seen!  She loves to dance!  Her favorite time to dance is during the dancing scene toward the end of Tangled.  She jumps off the couch and runs to her "dancing spot" and goes crazy.  She is so funny to watch!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Potty Time!!!

Last month I bought Kylie her very own potty!  She has been very excited about this development.  :)  When Grammy was here for Halloween, she put her on the potty for the first time and Kylie actually went!!!  It was amazing; I couldn't believe that she went the first time on her potty.  Since then we haven't had as much luck, but we are having some success.  She absolutely loves sitting on the potty and it is hard to get her off of it most of the time.

Don't mind the chocolate on her face...  she got a yummy treat for going potty!

Daddy has been passing along of his expertise as well:


Kylie has recently found a new way to play with her stacking rings.  Not only does she love to wear the bigger ones as bracelets, but she loves to put them on the handles to her riding toy. 

It was so funny to watch her put the rings on the bars.  After she got all of them on, she would try to sit down on her toy but her knee would knock off the rings from one side.  So she would get back off and put them back on and try to sit down again, only to have the same thing happen over and over again.  It was so cute!!!

Shoes and Hats

Kylie has decided that she loves to wear Mommy's and Daddy's shoes.  If they are out in the living room, she will just step right in and walk around for a bit!

Daddy's shoes are a little too big for her, so she doesn't get far, but she is getting pretty good in Mommy's shoes!

Kylie also enjoys putting on Mommy's hats.  She came out of our room the other day looking like this:

Later she grabbed this stuff off of the counter and decided to try it on...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Belly Pics

I decided that I would like to take a belly shot every week with this pregnancy so that I could see the growth with the twins.  We started at 16 weeks...  Here is the progression from 16 weeks to 20 weeks!

16 Weeks

17 Weeks

18 Weeks

19 Weeks

20 Weeks

They're are both GIRLS!!!

We had the BIG ultrasound yesterday and found out that the twins are girls!!!  This was quite a shock to me, I was convinced that at least one of them was a boy.  It was also quite a relief to find out that there are only TWO babies in there!  It was so fun to see them both and to get the good news that they are both looking great!  Both babies are measuring right on track for 20 weeks and they weighed approximately 12 oz and 11 oz.  Which according to they should be weighing 10.5 oz right now, so they are a pretty good size.  It will be interesting to see how big they are by the end and if there is any more room for them inside my tummy...  :)  They were both very active during the hour long ultrasound and it was so fun to see them punching and kicking.  We even saw Baby B kick Baby A in the head...  Those poor girls!!  Welp, it's time for the slide show.  haha  Since there are 2 babies, we got lots of pictures of them! 

Here are the pics of baby A:

This is looking at Baby A's head and hands in front of her face from above.

This is looking at Baby A's face straight on.

It's a girl!!!

Her feet...

This is her heartbeat which was 143 bps.

Here is her profile.

And lastly, her hand up in front of her face.

Here is a pic of Baby A's and Baby B's heads together.

And here's Baby B:

Here is Baby B's face straight on.

It's a girl!!!

Another view of the girl...

Her feet.

This is Baby B's heartbeat which was 141 bps.

Her profile.

It's Fall!

The other day we took the dogs and Kylie out for a walk in the cold.  Kylie had so much fun being out in the stroller again, not to mention how excited the dogs were to go on a walk!  Kylie wore her new beanie and gloves from Grammy.  I was even able to get all of her fingers in the right places!  :) 


Kylie loves to read!  She has more fun sitting on the ground and reading books to herself.  The other day I was trying to get her to smile at me while reading so I could get a good picture but obviously I was just annoying her....


Little Kylie was a Pirate Princess this year!!!  (Thanks Grammy, for the costume!)  She was the cutest little pirate!  We went to Daddy's office to do some Trick-or-Treating in the afternoon. 

She was terrified of all of the people at first and only wanted to be held.  But once she realized what she was getting was candy we were able to bribe her with M&Ms to walk around and grab the candy herself.  Afterwards we couldn't get her Jack-o-lantern bucket out of her hands!  She held it throughout Wal-mart and the drive home.

After Trick-or-Treating at the office we went to a little Halloween party in out neighborhood.  Kylie had so much fun playing with the balloons and eating all of the goodies that she could reach on the table.  Later that evening we went Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood with Kylie's friend Claire.  It was so cute to see the 2 little ones picking out their candy.  :)  When we got home, Kylie had the best time throwing her candy around the living room.  When I tried to help her put it back in her bucket she just took it out and put right back where I picked it up from.  Clearly, it was her candy and she knew exactly where she wanted it!  haha  Luckily her facination with the candy did not cary over to the next day. :)