Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our little sleeper

Kylie has always been a good sleeper for her age; however, she is now an amazing sleeper!!!  The last 4 nights she has been averaging over 8 hours of sleep at a time.  Last night she slept for 9 hours and 45 minutes!!!!  I hope this is safe...  :)  'Cuz I'm loving it! 

Goin' to G'ville

My parents stopped by on their way back from Nebraska and I decided to hitch a ride with them to good ol' G'ville.  This was Kylie's first road trip (if that's what you call it when you are driving in a luxurious 40 foot motorhome).  She was a great traveller and enjoyed sleeping and eating pretty much the whole ride.  She also enjoyed lounging in Grammy's arms as well as making some silly faces for mommy.

Once we got to Gardnerville we didn't waste much time.  Heather and her kids came over right away to meet "Baby Kylie".  All of the boys were so excited to meet her and of course hold her, poke her, touch her, and cough on her (only in little Zackary's case).

The first day we went up to Tahoe and enjoyed the beautiful sights and the warm water!!  :)  Ok so maybe it was freezing water but it was so hot up there it felt great! 

All of the kids had a great time playing the sand, looking for minnows, bugs and pollywogs and of course holding and watching Kylie.

A couple of days later we headed out to Topaz to camp and play on the boat! 

Unfortunately it got windy really early in the day so our day at Topaz was cut short.  But it was still lots of fun!!  And don't worry Kylie didn't do any wakeboarding or tubing! 

Here are just a couple of other cute pictures from the trip:

Tibble Fork Reservoir

Austin's family has a cabin up American Fork Canyon that is just too much fun.  After hearing all of the sroties my family really wanted to see what it was like.  So the last time they were here it was actually our turn with the cabin so we spent a day up there hanging out.  We spent some time down at the reservoir and then had a yummy BBQ up at the cabin.

We of course also had drag up a bunch of dead trees from the hill using my dad's Jeep and the winch.  We needed lots of fire wood for our day trip!  ;)

Tournament Time

We had our first tournament game a couple of weeks ago.  And we finally had a babysitter for Kylie because my parents were in town.  Apparently Kylie really likes the games as long as she has company!

She usually is less than pleased when she is left alone when mommy and daddy are out in the field, but not today!!  Unfortunately the game didn't go as well.  We lost after going into 2 or 3 extra innings.  :(  But we aren't done yet!  We won our last game so we play again this week, hopefully we can keep it up!

This is why you don't sleep with bows in your hair...

Kylie fell asleep on the ride home so I just left her in her car seat for her nap.  When I came to check on her, this is how I found her.  She was still very much asleep but kept moving her head from side to side because something was irritating her face...

Eventually she moved it so the band was right down above her nose.  I love it!!  :)  (Thanks Joanne!)


I just love this random picture!  :)

Our little monkey!

I tried to add this little video a while ago to share Kylie's monkey noises with everyone, but I couldn't get it to load.  So here it is now!  She was 6 weeks at the time and enjoyed watching the Women's College World Series so much she wanted to share it with everyone.

She is my daughter afterall...

As I was looking at some cute clothes in Kohl's during our first trip there, I looked down at Kylie to see this....

I guess she likes clothes shopping too!

Kylie's Blessing

We had Kylie's blessing a few weeks ago on June 13th.  We had a ton of family in town and it was wonderful!!!  Austin's parents and youngest siblings came from CA and stayed with us for the weekend.  It was their first time meeting little Kylie and we had a great time hanging out!  Austin's aunt and her family as well as Austin's grandma came over for the blessing as well.

My parents and brother (along with his family) were also able to stop by for the blessing on their way to Nebraska.  My sister and her family also came dwon from Woodscross for the blessing.  We had a nice lunch before hand as well as a BBQ afterwards.