Thursday, July 19, 2012

The twins' photo shoot!

My friend Kayla did a photo shoot of the twins when they were 3 1/2 weeks old.  The twins were not very cooperative that morning...  They were supposed to be sleeping but neither of them would sleep unless they were being held.  Grrr!!!  After a very long time the girls finally fell asleep.  After a lot of patience on Kayla's part, she got some amazing pictures!

To help you tell them apart, Kassidy is wearing the purple bow and Kelsey is either in the white bow or no bow.

Kelsey and Kassidy


Alright, time for another marathon post so I can get caught up here.  :)

Bath time...  definitely not her favorite!

Kelsey likes to sleep with one arm in the air...

Kelsey and Kassidy

Kylie loves to play with her sisters.  Anytime they are on the ground she lays down next to them.  So cute!

So peaceful!

Good morning!

Kelsey an Kassidy in their new dresses.

Love this!  Thanks Grandma Trish for the adorable matching dresses!

Mommy and the babies.

Poor Kass...
Kylie watched "Choo-choo" in a box...

Just chilling.

Playing in the backyard.

Kylie had more fun chasing the dogs around yelling "drink!"  And then she would spray them.  Haha!


Sleeping in the double stroller.

Kassidy cooing!  They are 9 weeks here.

Daddy is so talented!

Feeding two at once.  :)

I was holding the twins, keeping Kylie next to me and taking the picture...  Quite an experience!

Kass looks like she is twice the size of Kelsey.

Kelsey was starving!!  She was screaming for food.  Kylie found a band aid from the twins' shots, looked at it, looked at Kelsey and then put the band aid on her face.  Bahaha!!


First day at 7 peaks this year.  It was 63 degrees and windy!  There were maybe 20 other people there... But Kylie had a blast!  The twins and I stayed bundled up.

Purple Popsicle= scary face!

Kassidy's first smile! 10 weeks old. 

Kelsey's first smile!  10 weeks old.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kylie's Second Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Kylie!!!  I can't believe that you are already two.  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital...  A lot sure has happened since then.  You learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, talk, laugh, make us laugh, dance, and be the happiest little girl I have ever seen!  You are an amazing big sister to your two babies and they love you so much.  Thanks for being our amazing daughter.  We will love you forever!!

To celebrate our amazing little girl we had a small family party.  Austin's grandma and aunt along with her two girls were able to come help us celebrate.  We had a really yummy lunch, opened presents, had cake and played at the park.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a special day for Kylie.

Yummy cake!

Kylie with her "Strawberry Shortcake" cake. 

Emma, Maddy and Kylie.

Kylie and Great-Grandma Trish.

Daddy and Mommy with Kylie.

Kylie loved her "princess hat!" (as she called it).  Thanks Grandma Trish!

She decided to use it as a fork...


Since I'm so far behind on this, I'm going to just upload a bunch of pictures from April.  I'll do separate posts for big events that happened that month, but here the pics begin.

Bapa with one of the twins.

I believe this is Kassidy's first bath.

Kassidy on the left, Kelsey on the right.

Same pose!
I'm pretty sure this is Kassidy.  :)

Kylie liked to use my nursing pillow too!
Daddy with his baby girls.

Kylie posing for Mommy.
In the Boppy together.
Happy Easter!!  Kylie loved all of the candy and ate it all in about 5 minutes...

Daddy and Kylie with a mouth full of candy.
The first and only time Kylie was woken up by screaming babies VERY early in the morning.

Kelsey in her adorable preemie outfit.
My first solo shopping trip with the 3 girls, a success!!  (Babies were 3 weeks old).

Kylie is Mommy's glasses.
Fun with stickers, froggy backpack, and a box!

Getting a little more fond of bath time.

Wrapped up in their adorable blankets made by one of Austin's employees.

In their own sleeping pods.

Kels and Kass

Kels in preemie clothes, Kass in NB.

He can do it all!!  Hold two kids and play a video game!


Mommy and Kassidy
Going to Daddy's softball game for the first time with 3 kids.  (Babies were 4 weeks old).  It was great!

Kylie cheering for Daddy.  When he hits the ball, she yells "Go! Go! Go!"  So cute!
Tummy time is tiring!

Kass in the Boppy.

Honestly, I have no idea which one this is...  ;)

Some together time in the Boppy.

So cute!

Kylie and her water station.

She would play with this 24/7 if I let her!

The twins in the pram while Kylie is playing outside.

This girl loves her bubbles!

Trying to catch them in her bucket.

Holding the bottle for the baby.  She did this all by herself.  She LOVES these babies!

Play time for the twins.

Happily sleeping in the same pod.  I just can't get enough of these 2!

Playing wit Daddy's shoes, yes, my house sometimes looks like a dry cleaners... 
And that is end of April!!!