Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Belly Shot

So I decided to take my first belly shot today so that I could compare it to any pictures I had of my last pregnancy.  I am 16 weeks today.

And it was such a different picture than the first it was hard to compare.  So I had Austin take this picture of me when he got home from work.

16 weeks pregnant with the twins

16 weeks pregnant with Kylie

A Walk to the Park

Kylie and I went on a little walk to the park today.  It was the first time we'd been on a walk in a while.  She sure had fun!  She practically ran the whole way.  She climbed up to the slides all by herself and had fun throwing wood chips. 

She also had fun watching some birds fly by...

The last trip down the slide was not quite as graceful as usual...  OOPS!


I was holding the camera the other day and told Kylie to "smile" and this is what I got:

All in all, a pretty good smile. 

Pony Tail

So there's not much that we can do with Kylie's hair at this point...  She pulls hair ties, clips and bows out so we usually rely on her natural curls.  The other day I tried for a pony tail using "all" of her hair, instead of just putting it on the top of her head.  It was quite an experiment.  haha!  She ended up pulling it out after about 30 minutes, but I tried.

First Haircut

While Grandma was here, Kylie got her first haircut!!!  Her bangs were way too long and falling over her eyes so it was time to trim them back.

She got a little afraid when we wrapped her in plastic....

Then very excited when Bear came out to play!

She kind of sat still for Grandma...

And Grandma did a great job!