Monday, June 29, 2009

Just some more cute pics....

Here are a few of the cutest new pics....

The Pond

Last week we went up to Dave and Nellie's and took the pups out to the pond to have some fun. This was the first time that we tried to get Zoe to swim. It was pretty unsuccessful unless I lured her out with treats. It was fun to watch Duke swim at least! (Since Rilee is petrified of water and Zoe will try things that Rilee will do...) We definitely got some good pictures and had a few laughs!This is Zoe face planting in the water as she learned that she can not walk on water...And of course Austin helped Zoe in....

Tibble Fork Reservoir

We went up to the cabin that Austin's family has up in American Fork Canyon this weekend. It was great mini-vacation! Curtis and Kelli me us up there and we had a great time! We did a little 4x4ing in our new truck, played games (horseshoes, whiffle ball, cards), had fun around the fire and tried to teach Zoe how to swim (again).

Garden Update

So I just came on to update the blog and saw the last pictures that I posted of the garden... It made me laugh to see how much it has grown in the last few weeks.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Garden and Yard

So when we bought this place no one had lived in it for like 9 months or something like that, so there was a lot of work to do on the yard! With the help of the fam (thanks Dad, Mom, Dave and Nellie!!!) we got it looking pretty decent. Here is a pic of our garden (nothing spectacular, but hopefully is functional!) and the front yard with the flowers that I have planted (the middle picture has the Columbine and the Bleeding Heart in the back and the bottom picture is the new pavers I put in and my Lilies and Gladiolas). We had to put a little fence up in front of the garden to keep Zoe out (she is too young to use the electric fence), and there was 30 feet of extra soaker hose.... But all in all I think it looks pretty good! We are still trying to repair the side yard and part of the backyard from the flooding issues that we have been having. We are getting some fill dirt delivered soon so hopefully that will help! Anyways there is still a lot to do, but it is looking a TON better! :)

The Kids...

Yes they are our kids. As much as I have never wanted to be a pet parent--- it has happened! Here are some pics of them in the back yard today and a video of them playing one of the first days that we got her. As seen in the video, Rilee was not so sure of her at first. But now they are best buds!

AND we finally got the electric fence working so Rilee is not in the garden anymore!!! (Thanks for your help Sky and Katelyn!!!) We finished training Rilee on the fence this week so he is still afraid of going out on the lawn sometimes. Hopefully soon he will learn the boundaries better so he can not be so scared. Poor Rilee!

Zoe and the Stairs

This is a video that I took of Zoe when I was trying to get her to go down the stairs for the first time. She was so adorable! And so scared! :)


So this is our new little addition. She is fourteen weeks old and weighs about 26 pounds now. She is as tall as Rilee already and they are BEST friends! We can't separate them or they both freak out and get really sad. She absolutely loves attention and will not leave you alone if you sit down next to her. Rilee and Zoe play and wrestle all day long. It is so cute! Here is a pic of when we first got her (a little over a month ago) and a pic from today.