Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm finally caught up!!!

Alright!! So it's officially September on the blog.  haha  Kylie's new favorite thinds are somersalts, jumping, throwing her ball, and of course, laughing.  I don't have a video of the jumping yet, but it is quite similar to her "throw".

She has recently added "bye" to her vocabulary and we are working on "thank you", which she has said, but I'm not sure how to spell it her way.  We are also working on "please", but it somehow sounds like a curse word when she says it...  And the other morning when I asked her is she loved her bear, she said "love der."  So cute!!!  Here's just a little bit of her personality...  :)

She must be going through a growth spurt again because she eats and sleeps ALL day long.  No matter how much she has had to eat, all I hear is "mor, mor, mor"....   I think the crazy girl eats more food than me!


In the middle of August we went to LA to visit Austin's family.  Kylie had so much fun playing with Grandma, Grandpa, Jake and Anna.  She loved all of the attention and had so much fun making messes, running around and going on walks. 

We even went to the beach one day!  Kylie was not a fan of the sand at first and took several minutes before she would play in it.  By the end of the day, she had sand all over her and had several handfuls of sand to eat...  The water was much cooler than Seven Peaks, so she wasn't a big fan of the water at first.  Eventually, she had a good time playing in the waves while we looked for sand crabs with Jake.

Kylie definitely found a new favorite toy while we were there.  They had a fun activity center that played lots of different songs and made lots of noises.  Kylie played with it all day long and would dance with the music.

While we were there, Kylie had her first trip down a slide all by herself!!!  She thought it was just great and she impressed everyone at the park.

My HAIR!!!

I have been wanting to do this for years, and I finally did it!!!

Another Trip to Seven Peaks

Kylie and I had an awesome trip to Seven Peaks with Anna, Elise, Madison, and Emma.  Elise watched Kylie for me so I could go on the big rides with Anna and Madison.  It was so much fun!!!!  Kylie had a great time too, hanging in the wave pool with Emma and Elise.  Poor Kylie had to wear a normal diaper for half of the day, and it got a little on the heavy side...

I finally got a picture of Kylie going down one of the water slides with me!  She loves going on the slides and will ask for more and point to them.  She is definitely my daughter!!!  :)

Pool Party

Kylie got to see her cousins from North Carolina in August.  Kylie's great-grandma had a BBQ and pool party!  It was so fun to see everyone and watch the little ones play together.

Bike Ride

We got a bike seat for Kylie this summer so we could all go on bike rides together (has not happened yet, but maybe soon...)  Anyways, Kylie loves to go on bike rides.  She also enjoys wearing her helmet.  She will bring it to me when she sees it and asks me to put it on her.  :)


At the end of July we went to Rexburg for Katie and Sky's graduation!!!  It was so fun to see everyone that was there and hang out for the weekend.  Kylie did not cooperate during the ceremony so we were outside for most of it...

We weren't able to get a picture of both of them posing, but here's one of Katie!!!  Congrats you two!

Seven Peaks, Yet Again

Here are some more cute pics of another trip to Seven Peaks...


After the San Fran Extravaganza, Kylie and I stayed in Nevada for a week.  She had so much fun playing with her cousins there.  They all loved her and wanted to play with her, pick her up and carry her, touch her and follow her everywhere!!!  She loved the attention!  We spent lots of time in the backyard and playing in the pool.  We went on walks down the river, bike rides and of course, on the boat!!!  We had so much fun!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

San Fran!

Kylie and I flew out to NV in July to spend a week with my fam.  The first day we were there, we got up at 4:30 am to drive to San Francisco.  All 16  (7 adults and 9 kids) of us piled into Bapa's motorhome and took off.  It was quite an adventure!!!!  We stopped in Placerville for some breakfast at McDonald's.  As you can tell, we were all a little tired...

We then took off for the Exploratorium!  The kids had so much fun running around and looking at all of the awesome science experiments.  Kylie even enjoyed looking at a few of them!

After a couple of hours at the Exploratorium we went to the Golden Gate Bridge Park. 

Then...  we went to Point Bonita to let the kids run around a little bit more.  I think Kylie finally took a little nap at this point.  :)  It was actually really neat to visit Point Bonita again.  In middle school I had one to a leadership camp here for a week with NJHS.  It brought back lots of good memories!

After this, we stopped at the beach to let the kids play in the sand.  Of course most of them ended playing in the waves and getting soaked...  Good thing most of them had a change of clothes!

Finally, we took off for downtown San Francisco to go to the Giant's game!!!  I may have been looking forward to this for several months.  After we parked the motorhome super far away and for an absurd amount of money, we were dropped off in front of the stadium by our bmpy shuttle. 

We walked across the street to a pizzeria where we bought some pizzas to take into the stadium with us, and then headed in to take our seats.  We had the BEST seats for us!  There was room for the kids to walk around and we were the only row where we were, so we couldn't disturb anyone.  It was great!  And of course, my mom bought beards for all of the grandkids, after all, you have to "fear the beard!"

Heather and her family.

Kylie hanging with Bapa, and Mommy doing a little bit of work...

Kylie and Grammy


All of the grandkids with their beards, except for Kylie and Trevor.

The first pitch was at 7:05 and it was quite an uneventful game until it was all tied going into the 6th or so.  Then came the extra innings...  haha!!  By the time that 11:00 came around, more than half of the kids were asleep on our laps...  :)  We decided it was time to go.  As we were walking out, we came around a corner and heard the announcer say, "its a long fly ball into right field, and it's out of here!!!"  My dad and I saw it on the television screen by the consession stands and the fans went CRAZY!!!  We were practically trampled by all of the fans running out of the stadium.  It was a great night!!!  I sure hope this made sense...  Kylie has been climbing all over me for th past half hour...  :)  Anyways, it was a great trip to San Fran packed into 24 hours!