Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nathan's Here!!

When my Braxton Hicks contractions started in the first trimester this pregnancy, I thought there was no way I'd make it to my due date.  Once I hit 37 weeks my Dr. told me the baby could come "any time now!" and was surprised each time I came back for an appointment still pregnant.  Soon, I was headed in for my 40 week appointment at 39 weeks 5 days.  After seeing that I was 3 cm and 80% effaced, he said that he sure hoped I went into labor tonight since he'd be out of town the next day and felt that the baby would be here by then.  Since I wanted a VBAC and he was very supportive of it, but many of the other Dr.s in the practice weren't, he really wanted to be there for me so I could have a VBAC.  I jokingly said, "well just induce me tonight."  To which he responded with a glance at his watch, a glance at my chart, a glance back at his watch and then said "I would have rather started an induction this morning.  It's just too late to start one right now.  What if I had to leave in the morning before the baby was born."  Another glance at his watch and my chart.  "No, it's too late.  You wouldn't start getting pitocin until around 4:30 or 5:00...  What hospital are you going to?"  When I told him St. Mary's he said, "Oh that won't work.  I have a surgery and someone in labor at Renown.  I couldn't be at St. Mary's for you."  So when I asked if I could be induced tonight if I delivered at Renown, he responded with a "Let me go call them and see if they have room for you!"

That started the chaos that would ensue for the rest of the day and night!  Dr. Farringer ran back to his office to call labor and delivery to see if they could get me in right away.  I quickly called Austin who had taken the 3 girls to Yogurt Beach before work.  He was quite shocked when I told him I was running over to the hospital to have a baby!  The next 30 minutes was crazy trying to figure out who was going to watch the girls, how they were going to get there, who was going to bring my hospital bag, etc.

Once things started to fall into place I headed over to the hospital.  Since I was planning on delivering at a different hospital I of course got lost trying to find L&D.  Once I finally made it over there, I was in a room and hooked up to my IV in about 15 minutes.  It was so crazy!!  I was already on Pitocin and in labor before Austin even made it to the hospital.  He would have been there a little sooner if he hadn't made a pit stop at St. Mary's- where I was originally going to deliver.  There was definitely some confusion when he asked which room his wife was in at St. Mary's...  :)   Austin and I wasted some time waiting for the Dr. to come in by playing a round of Dominion.  I love that game!  Anyways, the Dr. finally came in, I was in a pretty good labor pattern so they bumped up the pitocin some more.  They told me the anesthesiologist was just about to go into an emergency c-section and would be busy with that for about 2 hours, so if I didn't get the epidural now I might not be able to get one at all.  I opted for the epidural now.  He was there within minutes and the epidural was in.  They didn't have enough time to pump me full of enough fluids so he just placed the catheter without giving me the meds.  Once I had enough fluids they started giving me the meds but they weren't really working.  My back was killing me and I could still feel all of the contractions.  My left leg was a little numb but that was it.  They had to keep adding more and more meds but it still wasn't working.  They ended up having to call another anesthesiologist in to come and give me an extra dose to see if that would work.  Thankfully it did!!!

Somewhere in there, my sister Danelle and my friend Emily (who photographed the birth story for me), came and hung out waiting for the big moment.  After a couple hours of hanging out and talking I started to feel some pressure.  I called the nurse in to let her know.  She was quite shocked when she checked and could see his head.  I was at a 3+ station and definitely ready to push.  She had me do a test push not during a contraction.  Quickly said, stop!  And called the Dr. to get there ASAP!  He came running in a couple of minutes later, quickly got dressed for delivery and they had me push with the next contraction.  They had me give a couple small pushes after that contraction and Nathan was here!!!

He was so perfect and so big!!!  He gave some good healthy screams, got suctioned and cried some more.  It was so amazing!  They put him straight on my belly and Austin and I just stared at him in awe.  He was so cute with some of the biggest cheeks I've ever seen on a newborn.  I was instantly in love!!!

He weighed in at 9 lbs 7.3 oz and 21 1/4 inches.  The nurse was shocked that I pushed out such a big baby in one contraction during a VBAC.  Once the Dr was done and just about to leave, he came over and put his hand on mine and told me that I did an amazing job while tearing up.  It was all just an amazing experience!!!  A beautiful baby boy, a super easy delivery, an amazing doctor, it was PERFECT!  Welcome to the world baby Nathan, we love you!!

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